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Selecting the Right Pet for You


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The bond between us and our animals can result in many benefits, both mental and physical. Pet ownership has been known to improve the health of people suffering from certain conditions, such as heart problems. The simple act of patting your pet can reduce your blood pressure. Pets provide loyal companionship, can help protect owners, provide an outlet for caring and nurturing particularly in those that live alone, can prompt us to exercise, allow us to meet people with similar interests, provide special services to those with disabilities, and they can certainly entertain us!

Compatibility is the key to a lifelong stress free lifestyle with your pet.
Select-a-pet provides a guide to helping you choose a certain breed. The programme compares your answers with the attributes of different dog or cat types to give you a choice of breeds.

The combination of select-a-pet and your veterinarian's advice, helps take the guesswork out of the selection process. This will hopefully ensure a partnership with your pet that fulfils (and possibly exceeds) your expectations