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Lost and Found

Here are some ideas that may help you in the search for your missing pet:

1. Write up a leaflet describing your cat and when it went missing. Include a contact phone number. Put a copy in letter-boxes in the neighbourhood. Between 100 and 200 is recommended. Download this Lost Cat template and change it to suit your circumstances

2. Note the name, address, and number of all callers and get around there as soon as you can. Take a pet carry box with you.

3. Walk round the neighbourhood before dusk or around dawn, calling your pet`s name. These are the best times when a pet may be on the move.

4. Check garages and other places where your cat may be inadvertently locked in. Look up into trees in case your cat is stuck on a high branch. Look in neighbours` basements, in case your pet has been injured or frightened and has hidden away.

5. Phone the local vets, and leave a copy of your leaflet with them.

6. Phone SPCA Petline, 09 275 0749, in case your pet is handed in.

7. List your pet on "Pets on the Net"  and "Lost Pet Finders" - A free online lost and found pets service.

8. If you have recently moved, check your old address. Whether near or far your pet may find its way back.

9. Leave a bowl of food and water outside. This will encourage your pet to return.

10. Leave your pet`s usual door open. It may return at any hour of the night or day, and will be eager to be indoors.

11. Door knock around the neighbourhood, with a colour photo of your pet if you have one, and ask if anyone has seen the missing cat.

12. Don`t give up hope! Your pet is somewhere, and only perseverance can re-unite you with your much loved friend.