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Surgical Solutions

Our fully qualified team of 4 veterinarians have between them a total of 70 years experience!!! This is an average of 20 years each. Each of us has interests in a particular area of surgery, but are all competent surgeons.

We offer a comprehensive range of routine and emergency surgical services. This includes an extensive list of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery capabilities. Our specialised surgical room is fully equipped with a wide range of surgical equipment, including AO Synthes orthopaedic air-powered fracture repair gear. 

In addition, we have a large range of instruments to assist us with the wide range of surgical procedures that we perform. All of our surgical equipment and accessory gear such as drapes, swabs etc. are fully steam sterilised in a modern up-to-the-minute autoclave. Our nurses strive to constantly improve our operating support services.

Our services are complimented by full access to the veterinary specialist services of diagnostic ultrasound and cardiac imaging, surgery and full medical consulting facilities where necessary.

Our practice has 3 fully operational anaesthetic machines using isoflurane anaesthetic gas. Our machines are regularly serviced and all patients undergoing general anaesthetic are intubated with an endotracheal tube and maintained under anaesthesia on an oxygen/isoflurane gas combination. All patients under general anaesthesia are monitored with the latest monitoring equipment,  which reads heart rate, respiration rate, temperature and oxygen saturation and gives a visual readout on a computer screen.   We also use a pulse oximeter on each patient
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