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Preventative Health Care and Life Stage Programmes

The emphasis today is towards preventative medicine. The cornerstone of preventative medicine is a regular health check, this we recommend twice a year. This health check enables us to give a full physical examination of your pet and the opportunity to discuss any changes in your pet's behaviour, this will enable us to uncover any potential problems
  • Puppy and Kitten Wellness Programme

Congratulations on your new pet - we look forward to having a long association both with you and your pet. The wellness programme we recommend will keep your pet happy and healthy

First Visit:
Comprehensive physical examination, vaccination, worming and fleatreatment.
Free puppy or kitten pack including sample pack of food, a voucher for $10 off your first purchase of puppy or kitten food and a voucher for $5 off your second purchase!
All the information you need regarding fleatreating, worming, vaccinating, medical insurance and a "Best Start" Record Book, together with a Registration form for our Puppy School socialisation classes. 
This may also be a good time to discuss Pet Health Insurance for your ongoing peace of mind.   We can give you a 30 day free Cover Note for your puppy or kitten or download a brochure now
There are now a few Pet Insurance Companies in New Zealand.   Here is another brochure for you to check out

Second Visit:
Follow-up visit with our Nurses Clinic for a booster vaccination. This is your chance to discuss any questions you may have regarding nutrition, ongoing fleatreatment etc.

Third Visit:
Will be to spey or neuter your pet at 6 months of age, at which time we can microchip
your pet for you

When your pet reaches 1 year of age, and you return with your pet for its booster vaccination and annual health check, it is a good time to take some base-level blood tests to establish normal parameters.   With these results on file, we can then monitor any changes that may occur.
  • Adolescent Puppy Checks

As a free service we are offering to have a nurse check your puppy at 6 months of age and answer any questions you may have regarding diet, behaviour etc.   Click here for further information
  • Adult Wellness Programme

As pets age up to seven times faster than humans, by the age of two most pets have reached adulthood. At age 4 many are entering middle age. Because they age quicker, health changes can occur in a very short period of time.

Twice a year wellness exams allow us to detect and treat problems before they become life-threatening. They also provide you with a chance to ask us any questions about nutrition, behaviour, dental health etc. Research shows that more than half of pet owners consider their pet a part of the family. Nearly 70 percent think their pet's healthcare is just as important as their own, so make sure your best friend sees the vet at least twice a year.  

Experience shows that when we see our patients on a regular basis and check their internal functions with blood tests, their general well-being is improved.   Blood testing offers a means of establishing individual parameters that change with time.   It offers a basis for early diagnosis of disease and can be graphed over the years to see how the parameters  change as your pet ages.


Download this chart as a PDF document

We can offer you a special Pet Wellness Package - read more

  • Senior Pet Care Programme

Each year we run our highly successful "Golden Oldies" promotion - this includes
  • Full examination and heath appraisal – particularly with regard to arthritis, teeth and weight/diet
  • A screening chest X-ray or lower spine (arthritis) xray
  • A complete blood count and serum biochemistry to check body vital functions
  • A urinalysis
  • A free worming and flea treatment
  • A comprehensive written report, together with copies of blood and urine tests, and a consultation with the veterinarian to discuss the results
Using our modern in-house laboratory , we can test your pet for symptoms that present themselves before they even become a problem. Problems with the vital organs (liver, kidney, spleen, intestines and diabetes) can all be detected early. This allows us to treat your pet early, and thus increase the length and quality of his or her life

To understand more about blood tests click here