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Medical Solutions

  • ECG Machine -

We have a modern electrocardiogram machine to enable us to accurately identify the cause of some heart conditions and arrhythmias. This allows us to provide the best medication to suit each case. The ECG machine is also useful for monitoring patients who may pose an extra anaesthetic risk

  • Doppler Blood Pressure Monitor -

This useful manometer allows us to measure the diastolic blood pressure of cats and dogs. Conditions such as heart, kidney or overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) may be associated with elevated blood pressure. As with humans, high blood pressure can predispose animals to an increased risk of disease, and needs to be identified and treated.
Along with other information such as blood tests and xrays we can then accurately identify the cause of elevated blood pressure and institute treatment

  • Ultrasound-

Our  ultrasound machine enables us to access the function of the heart and to view the internal organs

Our services are complimented by full access to the veterinary specialist services of diagnostic ultrasound, cardiac imaging and full medical consulting  facilities where necessary.