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Laboratory Services

Our clinic is fully equipped with a dedicated laboratory. Our nurses and vets are trained in in-house diagnostic procedures. We have now upgraded our laboratory equipment and are using  specialised automated and computerised analysers which operate many times a day, checking blood samples for normality. Blood samples collected from animals are analysed for:

Red Blood cell counts - checking for such things as anaemia
White Blood cell counts - checking for such things as signs of infection/inflammation, eg evidence of viral/bacterial infection etc.
Organ function - including kidney, liver, pancreatic function
Blood levels of - protein (globulins and albumins)
- glucose
- bilirubin
- cholesterol
- thyroid hormone levels
- cortisol (stress hormone) levels
- electrolytes

For more indepth information please follow this link

Blood tests can be performed in as little as 20 minutes when necessary. This provides great emergency information in critical situations. Our laboratory system also allows us to do pre-anaesthetic blood screening on our patients before anaesthesia, making us aware of any special precautions needed before administering an anaesthetic.

Also, each year we run a Golden Oldies promotion and our in-house blood analyser allows us to check your aging pet's critical organ function and provide advice at the end of the same day when we discharge your pet, after a full health check-up, xrays, blood and urine tests etc.

Our laboratory is also fully equipped with a microscope, centrifuge and electrolyte analyser. This means we can rapidly assess samples such as skin scrapings, urine and faeces in-house. In addition, we have full access to a sophisticated commercial veterinary diagnostic laboratory, providing rapid same day service where necessary. Many of our samples are sent off to this laboratory to provide specialised pathology services, e.g. biopsy samples, samples to be cultured etc.