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Exporting your Pet

If you are exporting your pet you will need to have your pet checked by a veterinarian who is registered with MAF to perform export examinations.


Exporting your Pet to Australia

Dogs and cats from New Zealand may enter Australia without the need for an import permit, however, an official export certificate is still required

Exporting your Pet to the U.K.


From the 1st of January 2012 it will become cheaper and easier to travel to the UK with your domestic cat, dog or ferret as new rules are being introduced to align the requirements of the UK with the rest of the European Union.
For more useful information and to read the DEFRA UK press release please click on the DEFRA links below:

Current & New Requirements – UK, Malta & Ireland
What has to be done Prior to 1 January 2012 From 1 January 2012
Microchip Yes Yes
Rabies vaccination Yes Yes
Documentation (pet passport or third country certificate) Yes
Blood test (dogs and cats) Yes No
Pre-entry waiting period Yes Yes
Length of waiting period before entry to the UK 6 months from date sample taken for blood test 21 days after vaccination against rabies
Tick treatment Yes (24-48 hours before embarkation) No
Tapeworm treatment Yes (as for ticks) Under consideration at European level

What this means to people preparing their animals to go to the UK, Ireland & Malta?

For animals that will arrive in the above after the 1st of January 2012:
You will only need to prepare your animals according to the new requirements (See table above)


For other countries please refer to the Biosecurity website -

For more details visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website