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Dental Services

This is one of our most commonly provided services. We have a modern specialised dental machine including ultrasonic descaler, compressed air drill, burr, polisher, rinser and suction device - just like your dentist's chair on a smaller scale!

Our fully trained veterinary nurses and vets provide a comprehensive dental service adminstered under full anaesthesia. Most commonly, this includes a 'descale and polish' service, where your pet's teeth are ultrasonically cleaned, then polished. If necessary teeth and/or tooth roots, can be extracted with minimal trauma to your pet.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is an integral part of your pet's well-being, and this service enables us to easily and professionally assist with that aim. Our equipment and skill levels are constantly being upgraded or updated. We also provide a comprehensive advisory service on ways to maintain your pet's oral health, along with free samples of dental care diets etc.

Signs of Dental Problems

  • Bad breath
  • Reddened gums (gingivitis)
  • A brown or yellow crust on the teeth on the gumline, especially on the back molars
  • Decreased appetite or difficulty eating

How to recognise the four stages of dental disease - click here

feline2.jpgFeline Dental Disease

dog_periodontal.jpgCanine Dental Disease



Retained 'baby' teeth -occasionally these baby teeth do not fall out of their own accord and need to be removed to stop overcrowding or malocclusion of the adult teeth.


Have you thought about brushing your pet's teeth before they get to this stage? 
Click here to see how it is done

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