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BITSA - Breed Identification

BITSA is Australasia's first canine, DNA based, breed identification test.   This innovative test detects the breed, or mixture of breeds that make up your dog.   BITSA can identify breed signatures as far back as three generations and can define, provided they are present, the primary (parent), secondary (grandparent) and distant (great-grandparent) breeds in your dog's ancestry.

How accurate is the test?

The breed signatures have been generated from over 20,000 known pure breed dogs.  The databases and breed signatures are being continually updated with new breeds and additional reference samples so that clients can be provided with the most accurate results.  Currently, BITSA proudly maintain greater than 95% accuracy for all of its test results

Can BITSA tell if my dog is purebred?

BITSA cannot be used as a means of obtaining official papers nor can it serve as evidence of a pedigree dog

What breeds can BITSA identify?

BITSA can currently identify 62 breeds, with additional breeds to be added and updated on a regular basis

You will receive an extensive report outlining:
  • the breeds found in your dog's ancestry
  • a history of how each breed was developed
  • a unique PAWS rating system summarising the traits you may observe in your dog
  • health concerns affecting the breed or breeds found in your dog
  • games and activities your furry friend will love to play

How much does it cost?

The cost of the test is $230.00 which includes an extensive  BITSA report and a certificate of DNA analysis explaining the breeds found in your dog

Click here to view a copy of a report
Click here to view a copy of a certificate

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