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Introduction to Forrest Hill Vets

You have every right to want the best possible care for your pet.  OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU is to provide your pet with:
  •  an efficient, caring and high quality medical and surgical service.
  •  an experienced, friendly and approachable team.
  •  an up-to-date veterinary service which allows you to be confident you are getting the best possible care for your pet.
  •  a “one stop” Veterinary Clinic where most of your pets medical, surgical or dental needs can be met.  We take xrays and repair most fractures here on site (WE DO refer you to specialists where required).  Endoscopy is available where needed.

We want to enjoy providing your pet with these services, to help make sick animals better and to enjoy the company of yourself and your friends while doing so.  We want you to feel comfortable walking through our door!  Please bring the discount voucher with you on your next visit.

  •  Telephoning us for an appointment - we can usually find a time to suit you.
  •  We welcome your requests to see your previous or preferred Veterinarian.
  •  Securing your pet in a cage or on a lead - upset and frightened pets can be hard to catch!
  •  If possible toilet your pet before leaving home (we realise this is not always very easy).
  •  Settling your account - so we can continue to provide you with our care we require payment of your fees at each visit - Thanks!

YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS TOO...and because of accidents and other unforeseen emergencies we sometimes are a little late - especially in the evenings.  Please feel free to telephone and check before you leave home.


We provide a full 7 days a week service.
After hours - Telephone 410-5169 and LISTEN CAREFULLY - our answer phone will give you the After Hours Clinic number to contact!


7.30 am to 7.00pm Mon - Fri
9.00am to 5.00pm Saturday
10.00am to 5.00pm Sunday/Public Holidays

YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS are the most important feedback we can ever get - we love to hear from you - both good and bad, and would welcome any suggestions that would improve our service to you.

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