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Gastritis and Enteritis

Acute gastritis is severe inflammation of the lining of the stomach.
Acute enteritis is severe inflammation of the lining of the intestine.
It is more commonly seen in young animals but does affect all ages. 

In gastritis the main sign is repeated vomiting, restlessness and vague discomfort.  Thirst, followed by immediate vomiting is common.

In enteritis the main sign is profuse watery diarrhoea, often passed frequently and with straining. 

Eating indigestible material such as stones, sticks, dirt or large amounts of grass frequently causes both conditions.  Eating garbage, small dead animals, compost, cleaning compounds, fertilisers and pesticides can cause gastritis and/or enteritis.

It is important to note the contents of the vomited material as this may give a clue as to the cause.  Likewise note any solid matter in the diarrhoea.

Treatment for acute gastritis and enteritis is designed to relieve the inflammation by means of both medication and controlled diet.
Medication and a special diet may be needed. Do NOT feed your pet anything other than what your veterinarian has prescribed.

Notify your veterinarian if vomiting and/or diarrhoea continues in spite of treatment, appearance of vomited material changes or blood is seen, if your pet becomes bloated or excessively restless or uncomfortable, or develops forced expiration i.e. grunts when breathing out.

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