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Diarrhoea in Puppies

Diarrhoea shortly after arriving home is a common event in new kittens and puppies being brought into a household for the first time.

Often the diarrhoea is a ‘dietary diarrhoea’, i.e. a reaction to the food being given.  In all instances you should feed exactly what the previous owners were feeding.  Changing the diet can be done later on after settling the new one in.

If your kitten or puppy is bright and alert, has no temperature, is playing well and appears happy, is keen to eat and has been wormed, then your veterinarian may diagnose this as dietary diarrhoea.

Some causes may be:

• Too much fat in the food (young animals often cannot digest it)
• Milk  (Lactose intolerance)
• Wrong king of food ( e.g. Adult food)
• Strong food ( e.g. red meat, liver, heart, kidney)


• Special food e.g. Prescription Hills I/D can be given in small amounts.
• Oral Ensal or similar diarrhoea mix may also be prescribed.
• Avoid all dairy products.
• Often a short period of  (up to 12 hours) of starvation is required to allow the bowels a ‘rest’.

Notify the veterinarian if your pet becomes depressed, lethargic or the diarrhoea continues.

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