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An ABSCESS is a pocket of infection that contains pus. A membrane much like thick-walledballoon filled with water surrounds these infected areas. Abscesses may be small or large,single or multiple. An abscess in the skin feels hot, looks red and swollen and is painful whentouched.
cat abscess
Absesses often result from puncture wounds, such as scratches or bites. The surface of the   skin heals quickly, but germs have been deposited beneath the skin by the nail or tooth. These germs may result in an infection called an abscess.

Abscesses usually require BOTH surgical and medical treatment. Drainage is an important part of treatment, which will depend on such things as the location, size and stage of development of the abscess. A soft rubber drain is inserted into the wound to assist with drainage and is removed once the wound is free of pus.
CELLULITIS is where the infection is inside each individual cell causing a firm, hot painful swelling. It always requires antibiotic treatment and may either subside or become an abscess, requiring drainage a few days in the future.

After surgical drainage of an abscess:
  • Most pets are less active, particularly when they have a fever. As with any infection, your pet’s activity should be limited and they should be kept confined.
  • Give the antibiotics as prescribed once or twice daily
  • Clean the area with diluted Hibiclens twice a day (NEVER USE DETTOL).
  • Return your pet for drain removal on the day stated
  • Drainage from the abscess stops and swelling reccurs.
  • Your pet’s abscess does not appear to be healing.
  • You are unable to give the appropriate medication.

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